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QAPI Audit & Analysis Program

Put the focus back where it belongs — on the Patient!

The Home Health Industry‘s most accurate, anonymous, and comprehensive clinical chart audit/analysis program — discover, correct, and prevent hidden agency risks, tracked down to the document/nurse level!


With the Office of the Inspector General perpetually increasing its number of auditors and payers, intermediaries and carriers enforcing their regulations evermore strictly, providers must take action to ensure that they are compliant in all areas of operation. MJS works with providers to identify compliance concerns, billing errors, and operational flaws that could potentially wreck a facility. By using our unique proprietary auditing system, The Auditor™, and a team of top-tier clinicians, billing experts and legal advisors, MJS not only tells providers exactly where potential problems are, but we identify the staff members and processes that are at fault and provide a comprehensive plan to mitigate those issues.

MJS helps providers create compliance plans and verification procedures, and provides ongoing clinical reviews to put your agency ahead of the competition, significantly reducing overhead costs, staffing, and risks. Get the most intuitive and innovative home health solutions available with The QAPI Audit & Analysis Program. All three programs have at their core the power of The Auditor™ that will increase productivity and profitability, reduce costs, minimize compliance and billing risks, and make sense and use of the entire agency‘s data. MJS offers expert clinical reviews of your OASIS assessments, checking for coding errors and clinical mistakes. We help your agency manage OBQI outcomes, reimbursement and compliance by monitoring your OASIS assessments before submission to the state and claim preparation.

QAPI Audit & Analysis Program Outline

Below is a brief feature-benefit outline of the QAPI Audit & Analysis Program. To get the full details of the program, click on “Get the Brochure,” “See this in Action,” or contact us.

Basic Package

Basic Package Benefits:

MJS & Associates’ Basic Package delivers critical information about the agency’s problematic areas in an easy-to-read and understand format. Powerful drill-down electronic reporting capabilities empower the agency to:

  • Quickly identify reoccurring trends in problematic areas,
  • Significantly decreased internal staff auditing and quality-assurance workloads,
  • Increased ease-of-mind with our industry-leading full-spectrum auditing capabilities,
  • More efficient staff meetings resulting from better information pertaining to agency’s areas
  • Greatly reduced and mitigated risks associated with third-party auditing compliance programs
  • Timely & professional results that over several quarters leads the agency down a successful path
  • And many other benefits.

Basic Package Features:

  • Clinical Chart Audits
    • Audited across 5 major components—over 200 indicators
    • Anonymous & unbiased nurse auditing process
    • Audited with latest industry regulations & guidelines
  • Detailed Audit Report
    • Drill-down reporting streamlines data management
  • Audit Analysis with RN
    • Corrective Action Plan (C.A.P.) Template
    • Clinical Chart problems
    • Billing problems
  • Unlimited Compliance Support from MJS Clinical Consultants
    • A network of experienced clinicians to answer questions relating to the audit & corrective action plan results

Plus Package

Plus Package Benefits:

Take the agency’s success a step further by not solely focusing on discovering problematic areas but discovering which solutions are best to fix those problems. An MJS clinical consultant will work closely with your agency in writing a customized, quarterly corrective action plan that with each quarterly analysis will, over time, ensure the agency increases its efficiency. Further, the Plus Package will give you confidence in knowing solutions to the agency’s issues are being developed by a team of professionals and the agency’s staff can focus on those solutions.

Plus Package Features:

Everything in the Basic Package with the following additions:

  • Annual Report combines the following components:
    • Annual Drill-down Clinical Audit Report
    • OASIS-C Compliance
    • QAPI Outcomes
    • OBQI results
  • Solution-focused Compliance Audit Analysis
  • Corrective Action Plan written by a MJS Clinical Consultant
  • Analysis of:
    • OBQI
    • QAPI
    • State surveys
    • 20% discount on MJS educational seminars and online training
    • Electronic Maintenance of QAPI
    • Annual QAPI Report

Platinum Package

Platinum Package Benefits:

The agency not only discovers their problems and gets customized solutions but MJS & Associates Platinum Package will automatically implement the solutions by our trained team of clinicians and staff. This comprehensive level of service will have the agency operating at peak performance.

Platinum Package Features:

Everything in the Plus Package with the following additions:

  • On-site, quarterly audit-specific services with an MJS Clinical Consultant, including:
    • Staff Training & Education
    • Corrective Action Plan Implementation
    • Policy writing services and more (it’s my understanding that we will rewrite/update agency’s policies/guidelines at this level to provide the “full service”?)
    • OBQM Guidance
  • 2 Admissions to your choice of MJS’ Education Seminars (per year)
  • 25% off all MJS online education.
  • 2010 Preview Audit — Will You Be Ready?
  • Personal QA clinical consultant to track QAPI activity.

Most importantly: You get the peace of mind only available when our team of clinical consultants and staff are consistently monitoring your regulatory compliance, working diligently on providing you with quarter-by-quarter electronic drilldown reports and clinical expert analyses to make sense of all your data. At night, you will not worry about your agency‘s compliance risks because together with MJS & Associates, you will have the most thorough, consistent, compliance monitoring available in home health today! To get the full details of the program, click on “Get the Brochure.”

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