MJS & Associates
MJS & Associates

QAPI Audit & Analysis Program

Put the focus back where it belongs — on the Patient!

The Home Health Industry‘s most accurate, anonymous, and comprehensive clinical chart audit/analysis program — discover, correct, and prevent hidden agency risks, tracked down to the document/nurse level!


With the Office of the Inspector General perpetually increasing its number of auditors and payers, intermediaries and carriers enforcing their regulations evermore strictly, providers must take action to ensure that they are compliant in all areas of operation. MJS works with providers to identify compliance concerns, billing errors, and operational flaws that could potentially wreck a facility. By using our unique proprietary auditing system, The Auditor™, and a team of top-tier clinicians, billing experts and legal advisors, MJS not only tells providers exactly where potential problems are, but we identify the staff members and processes that are at fault and provide a comprehensive plan to mitigate those issues.

MJS helps providers create compliance plans and verification procedures, and provides ongoing clinical reviews to put your agency ahead of the competition, significantly reducing overhead costs, staffing, and risks. Get the most intuitive and innovative home health solutions available with The QAPI Audit & Analysis Program. All three programs have at their core the power of The Auditor™ that will increase productivity and profitability, reduce costs, minimize compliance and billing risks, and make sense and use of the entire agency‘s data. MJS offers expert clinical reviews of your OASIS assessments, checking for coding errors and clinical mistakes. We help your agency manage OBQI outcomes, reimbursement and compliance by monitoring your OASIS assessments before submission to the state and claim preparation.

Most importantly: You get the peace of mind only available when our team of clinical consultants and staff are consistently monitoring your regulatory compliance, working diligently on providing you with quarter-by-quarter electronic drilldown reports and clinical expert analyses to make sense of all your data. At night, you will not worry about your agency‘s compliance risks because together with MJS & Associates, you will have the most thorough, consistent, compliance monitoring available in home health today!

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