Some Qualifications Include:

  • Agency is NOT currently under an exclusive broker's agreement;
  • Agency is currently serving at lease 60 patients under a skilled services license;
  • No tax liens currently against agency;
  • No billing number hold or suspension on agency's PTAN number;
  • No significant overpayment/recoupment effect following a Health Integrity review;
  • and ownership has not changed for the Medicare PTAN within the past 30 months.

Cost and Fees:

MJS charges a nominal percentage of the final sales price at closing. In the event that you decide not to go through with the sale, you will only be required to pay a consulting fee for the due diligence performed.

More information:

For detailed information or questions regarding Acquiring Minds, please contact us using the form provided. We will be available to assist you Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM and will respond to your inquiry withing 24-48 hours.

What is Acquiring Minds?
MJS & Associates, LLC has introduced Acquiring Minds, an acquisition program designed to promote home health agencies interested in selling. MJS will conduct a pre-sale analysis and due diligence review that will offer potential buyers a complete and accurate picture of your company. Qualified and interested agencies will receive everything from packaging and presentation, to an interested buyer, to sales negotiation and final purchase agreement with no disruption to the ongoing business activity. Everything is handled discretely and confidentially.

Powerful Healthcare Solutions

Sell your Home health agency with Acquiring Minds

How we can help
Our experienced consultants, reimbursement specialists, clinical and coding specialists, and financial experts have worked in the home health industry for more than 35 years performing due diligence for buyers in more than 200 mergers and acquisitions. If you have considered selling your agency, now is the time and we are the ones to help. Acquiring Minds is not the traditional brokerage program currently available in the home health industry. The CMS moratorium in Texas has significantly increased the value of agencies and MJS works as a broker for the seller in order to position the agency for maximum reward.