About MJS & Associates

Powerful Healthcare Solutions

"If your claims are not being paid timely or correctly, you can be assured that MJS is already working on the problem directly with the payer for a variety of the providers it bills for."

"This diverse mixture of healthcare expertise forms the core of one of the brightest and most highly-qualified staffs in the healthcare consulting industry."

MJS & Associates, LLC was founded in 1998 by M. Jan Spears and a select group of healthcare executives and managers with more than 75-combined years of healthcare management experience. MJS & Associates prides itself on being a powerful home health consulting company with knowledgeable staff certified in many different healthcare areas such as CPT coding, Medicare reimbursement rules, Medicaid regulations, and more. We provide direct, real-time solutions to healthcare providers in nearly every aspect of billing and account recovery.

The breadth and depth of healthcare industry knowledge, expertise, and our innovative tools and approaches offer healthcare agencies a plethora of real-world proven solutions that assist healthcare professionals with:

  • Boosting profits and increasing referrals;
  • Navigating the reimbursement terrain;
  • Understanding the ever-changing regulatory gauntlet;
  • Implementing processes to ensure compliance, cash flow, and comfort are realized; and more!

In the era of increased audits by the payer or Specialty Contractors, raids by the OIG and FBI, and reports to Congress of gross over payments targeting home health a robust billing compliance program is a necessity than cannot be ignored.

We understand the complexities of the home health, hospice, pediatric, ORF/CORF, and other specialties in the healthcare industry. With rising costs and more regulatory and reimbursement hurdles, a consistent and reliable set of healthcare solutions must be at the heart of every healthcare operation. We are transforming yesterday’s healthcare facilities into tomorrow’s Powerful Healthcare Agencies.

"Our growth over the last ten years is a testament to the quality of leadership, innovation, knowledge, experience, resourcefulness, and professionalism found in each of our executives, managers, clinicians and staff members."

"MJS has the best compliance process I have ever seen! I do not hesitate to recommend it!"

-Texas Healthcare Solutions