Powerful Healthcare Solutions

MJS considers its service to be a Billing PLUS service.  

  • PLUS fast conversion of receivables to cash to assure that your claims are properly developed. 
  • PLUS collections efforts on outstanding patient accounts handled in-house by professional, compassionate and caring personnel.  
  • PLUS access to other MJS departments involved in audits, ICD10 coding, appeals, civil and criminal investigations so that claim updates evolve quickly.
  • PLUS customized revenue and cash flow reports that meet the needs of practice management and accounting firms.
  • PLUS competitive pricing with many more options that are available through our full service consulting firm.

Our team of medical billing professionals, along with our in-house clinical coding and documentation RNs, work cohesively to assure that requirements of the CPT/HCPCS and modifiers are in place and compliant to the payor guidelines. The team member performing the pre-check review, alerts the provider of any needs that must be resolved before the claim can be transmitted. This front-end approach provides the best opportunity to remedy any documentation weak points to better assure compliance for pre and post claim reviews.

Medical Billing

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What makes our services unique? Claim DNA! We thoroughly investigate the make-up of the claim before it is dropped through a series of digital forensic edits. This service merges coding, billing, and clinical expertise together to provide comprehensive billing compliance that helps manage the risk of reimbursement loss from recoupment or denial of payment.

​​​​​​MJS & Associates, LLC has been a health care third party billing company since 1998 generating more than a billion dollars in receipts for our clients in the past ten years alone.  Billing platforms are available for a variety of health care provider types including physicians, infusion and DME services, pharmacy, home health, hospice, and independent practices.